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Customise Lightroom Classic Keyboard Shortcuts in macOS

¬†As a host on the Adobe Community forums I often see customers feature requesting the the ability to remap application keyboard shortcuts. In fact, this particular feature request goes back as long as Lightroom (Classic) has been around. The example often quoted is the ‘Keyboard Shortcuts and Menu Customisation’ panel in Photoshop.

Photoshop – Keyboard Shortcut and Menu Customisation

Unfortunately, Adobe have shown little enthusiasm for implementing such a feature. So, what’s the alternative?

Well, macOS users can already modify, add or remove application keyboard shortcuts using the a purpose designed applet in macOS System Preferences. Alas, Windows users are less fortunate, but third party options do exist.

For more details on how to customise keyboard shortcuts in macOS, see my tutorial at Customise Lightroom Classic Keyboard Shortcuts in macOS. This particular tutorial was originally written in the days of Lightroom 2, but I’ve updated the screenshots to reflect macOS (Big Sur)