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Rocky Mountain Gold 2022

 I’ve uploaded a gallery of images from a photo tour to the US in September and October 2022. The trip had originally been planned for 2020, but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic travel was too risky. So, 2022 it was, and six of us headed to the US in the hope of capturing the fall colours in the national and state parks bordering the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

Steam Vents, Firehole River, Yellowstone National Park

The trip was to follow a similar to a route that I’d travelled back in 2011, although we spent most of our time in Yellowstone National and Grand Teton National park.

Schwabacher Landing, Grand Teton National Park

Other stops along the way included the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Maroon Bells National Recreation Area near Aspen, Red Mountain Pass, the Million Dollar Highway, the Silverton and Durango Railroad, Chimney Rock, the Cumbres & Toltec Steam Railroad (Chama, New Mexico), and the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Sheep Creek Overlook, Flaming Gorge, Utah

Mt Sneffels, Colorado

The weather and fall colours were in our favour throughout the trip and many pleasing images were captured.  The full gallery of images from the trip can be viewed here.


Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic & Desktop | February 2023

  The latest updates to Camera Raw (15.2), Lightroom Classic (12.2) and Lightroom Desktop (6.2) have been released to customers. These updates include new camera and lens support along with bug fixes. There are also a few relatively minor features additions in Lightroom Classic that I’ll discuss below.

Develop History [Lightroom Classic]

As supplement to the History context menu a new KBSC has been added to remove history steps. Holding Alt/Option key and clicking on a history step clears all other history steps above it.

Remove History Steps

Keywords [Lightroom Classic]

A new menu option to export Keywords along with the keyword tag options, like – Person, Include on Export, etc.

When this new menu option is selected, LrC will create a ‘.csv‘ file when exporting the keywords.

The following keyword related operations have also been optimised:

  • Keywords Addition
  • Keywords Deletion
  • Keyword Filtering
  • Keywords Export

Sync for Adobe Cloud [Lightroom Classic]

Syncing of files from the Adobe Cloud has received some optimisations. This work should address the long standing issue of sync stalling during the synchronisation process.

Tethered Capture [Lightroom Classic]

When macOS Ventura 13.x was released by Apple it broke tethered capture for users of Canon and Nikon cameras. For Canon users, the issue was fixed in LrC 12.1. Adobe have now fixed the issue of Nikon cameras not getting detected for tethered capture

Map module [Lightroom Classic]

A new option ‘Show more labels’ to show more or less labels on Map view is now available in the Map module toolbar.

By default, LrC will show the ‘Less Labels’ option to ensure that the map doesn’t become overly cluttered.

The ‘Set Time Zone Offset…’ has been renamed as ‘Set Tracklog Time Offset…’ for Tracklog in LrC 12.2 Map module.

Support has also added for minutes in the Tracklog Time Offset dialog. Now, you can enter the time offset in HH:mm format, which is very helpful for location that use timezone offsets less than one hour (e.g. India and Nepal).


New Camera Support

Details of new camera support added since the last release can be found here

New Lens Correction Support

Details of new lens support added since the last release can be found here

Disclosure: As an Adobe Community Expert I receive a free subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Lightroom Over The Years

I was doing a bit of housekeeping on my web site recently and came across the reviews I’d written for the original Lightroom Public beta dating back to January 2006. Further digging around turned up reviews for all the versions since. So, for a bit of reminiscing and to make them easier to find, I’ll provide a link to each of the Public Beta’s and major versions below.

A public beta was a significant break in tradition for Adobe in that it was the first time that the company publicly showed a product to potential customers in an unfinished state. Nevertheless, giving customers access to Lightroom at such an early stage in its development worked well and generated such enthusiasm amongst customers that Adobe would later adopt the idea for products such as Photoshop.

So, how much has changed in the intervening 17 years? Well, a good place to start a comparison would be the User Interface.

Library Module – Lightroom Public Beta 1, January 2006

Library Module – Lightroom Classic 12, January 2023

On the face of it, the basic principles and modular layout are broadly similar in appearance. However, the feature set in 2023 far exceeds the customer expectations of 2006. To see what else has changed or been improved upon since see my reviews at below links.

Lightroom Public Beta 1 – January 2006

Lightroom Public Beta 3

Lightroom Public Beta 3 for Windows – Up to this point Lightroom was only available on the Mac Platform.

Lightroom Public Beta 4 – the public aspect of the beta programme finished at this point, but Adobe now started to implement much of the feedback they’d received during the public beta phase.

Lightroom 1.0 – No review but reason explained in 1.1 Update below

Lightroom 1.1 Update

Lightroom 1.3 Update

Lightroom 2

Lightroom 3

Lightroom 4

Lightroom 5

Lightroom 6 (aka CC 2015) – the version where Adobe decided it was time to confuse customers with a new name and fist introduction of subscription.

Lightroom Classic CC – another new name to confuse customers. This is also first of the annual updates also marked the beginning of reduction in number of new features.

Lightroom Classic 8

Lightroom Classic 9

Lightroom Classic 10

Lightroom Classic 11

Lightroom Classic 12

Camera Support in Lightroom Classic

Details of new camera support added since the last release can be found here

Lens Correction Support in Lightroom Classic

Details of new lens support added since the last release can be found here

Disclosure: As an Adobe Community Expert I receive a free subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.