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Lens Profiles for Adobe Lightroom 3 & Camera Raw 6.1+

Judging by my website statistics and recent email correspondence from readers of my Lightroom 3 Feature Review it has become apparent that the Lens Correction Profiles that I had made available are a lot more popular than I expected. Unfortunately, time was tight when I first published the Feature Review, which meant that I was only able to build profiles for use with raw images, and even then for only some of the Canon lenses I own. So, given their popularity and currently restricted availability from Adobe’s own lens profile server, I have decided to finish the job and make all of my lens profiles available from this website. However, before downloading them it might be worth spending a few moments reading about how lens profiles are created.

To create the lens profiles for use with Lightroom 3 and Camera Raw 6.1 I use the Adobe Lens Profile Creator application. This application characterises three common types of lens aberrations, namely geometric distortion, lateral chromatic aberration, and vignetting.

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Site Update

The response to the new What’s New page has been quite encouraging, especially the comments regarding the overall appearance and readability. Some readers will also have noticed that the new Photoshop CS5 Color Management essay that I posted on Saturday uses a similar layout, and this too has been positively received. I have therefore decided to update the remainder of the site so that the appearance is more in line with the What’s New page.  Some material has already been updated and the remainder will be uploaded over the next week or so.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Color Management

As it has been since I published my first essay on Color Management back in the days of Photoshop 5, the aim of this essay is to introduce the basic concepts of color management, then to delve into the detail of how Adobe have incorporated these into Photoshop Cs5.

The UI for Photoshop CS5 has changed little since CS4. Likewise, color management in its widest sense is similar in both look and feel to versions dating back as far as CS2. It’s for this reason that this essay is, in the main, simply an update of previous essays rather than a complete rewrite. The one exception being the changes introduced to the Print dialog.

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