Monthly Archives: January 2010

Adobe Community Professionals

Anyone who has scrolled to the bottom of this sites Home page will probably have noticed the Adobe Community Expert logo. The use of this logo is restricted to members of Adobe’s “Expert” program, and as one of this select group it’s been an honour to host the logo on this site. Unfortunately, the name was often abbreviated to “ACE”, which as anyone who follows things Adobe will know that’s actually the term used to denote an Adobe Certified Expert. So, to avoid confusion Adobe have re-branded the “Expert” program as Adobe Community Professionals and launched a new logo. I have updated Home page to show the new logo.

Flickr Photostream

Well we’re into a new year and it’s almost time for me to get down to some serious winter photography again. In a few weeks I’ll be heading back over to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Hopefully, the weather and lighting are good for Photography.

Now to something only slightly different. Over the years many visitors to the site have suggested that a presence on one of the photo sharing web sites would be a good way to let them comment on the images shown here on Computer Darkroom. So, when Adobe Lightroom 3 beta was released I uploaded a few hundred images to a Flickr account that I’ve had for more years than I care to recall. Anyway, now that I know it works I can share it with a wider audience. To date, there are four galleries. They can be found at IanLyons Flickr Photostream I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I did taking them 😉