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Adobe Release Lightroom 6.01 Patch


For the most part, last weeks launch of Lightroom CC 2015 / 6 went well. However, some issues have since surfaced. The most obvious was the omission of the Help files. Thankfully, Adobe have been fairly quick to release a patch file (Lr 6.01), which should be fairly easy to obtain via the ‘Updates’ option under the ‘Help’ menu. This patch also fixed a second issue whereby the application would stall during the application after installation. Unlike the missing Help files this second issue only affected a relatively small number of users.


Although not directly related to the 6.01 patch file I thought it worth mentioning that many customers have had great difficulty in finding how and where to purchase either the Upgrade or Full perpetual licence version of Lightroom. Some have expressed the opinion that this is a deliberate attempt by Adobe to force them to switch to the CC version. I don’t have anything to say about this, but am happy to provide the difficult to find links.


If you don’t live in the USA click on the ‘Choose your region‘ button in bottom left corner then click on ‘Buy‘ button. The next screen will open. Pick ‘Upgrade‘ or ‘Full‘ and ‘Mac’ or ‘Windows’ then ‘Add to Cart’. The rest should be self explanatory.



Disclosure: As an Adobe Community Professional I receive a free subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.