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What’s New in Lightroom Mobile iOS 2.8

A few days late again with news of the latest update to Lightroom mobile for iOS. This is a big update, and one many will have been waiting for, especially if using an iPad or iPad Pro.

So, what’s does Adobe say is new or improved:

  • the ability to make precise adjustments with a single swipe using the new Brush Selection tool. You can selectively apply Exposure, Brightness, Clarity, and other adjustments to localised areas of the image. Support is also included for the Apple Pencil and pressure-sensitive application of adjustments.
  • Improved user interface designed specifically for the iPad**
  • Direct control to adjust Noise Reduction and Sharpening.
  • Support for the latest cameras and lenses found in ACR 9.12 release (see here)

So, what do I make of this update?

Readers who use the iPhone version will recall that the last big update included a major revamp of the editing controls. Unfortunately, the iPad missed out on this revamp, and many customers were a tad disappointed as a result. However, this time round, Adobe have focused on the iPad by reworking the editing controls. Sadly, the result, in my opinion, isn’t as good or well thought out as the last iPhone update. The following screenshot demonstrates the problem.

iPad – New Edit Stack

Notice that the edit stack takes up at least 1/3 of the screen. I have no why this should be so or even in what way Adobe believes it to be an improvement. Don’t get me wrong, the sliders, and their positioning are fine, but 1/3 of my iPad Pro screen allocated to them isn’t.

Sharpening and Noise Reduction have also made their way into this build, but as with the other controls on the edit stack they take up too much of the UI.

Lr mobile also support the black & white masking option found in Lightroom desktop and Camera Raw. To see it in operation, move the Masking slider with one finger while holding another finger down on the photo. It takes a bit of effort initially, but after a few tries you’ll figure it out 😉

iPad – Sharpening and Noise Adjustments

I mentioned the new Selective Brush tool above, and will now try to explain how it works. First, it’s found under Selective Adjustments (tap on shaded circle at of edit stack – inside red boundary on below screenshot).

iPad – Selective Edit Tools

  • Next tap on the + button (top left corner). This adds a new selective adjustment.

iPad – Selective Adjustment Tools

  • Choose the brush from the three options (brush, radial gradient, and gradient), and follow the instructions.

iPad – Brush Tool

Although not new to this version, I thought it worthwhile also mentioning the Gradient Tool.

iPad – Gradient Tool

The settings panel has also undergone some changes, I’ll let you decide what these are for yourself 😉

iPad – Settings Panel

Adobe Updates Lightroom on the Web

You may recall back in late November 2016 I posted some news on the latest addition to the Lightroom CC ecosystem, namely Lightroom Web. This web based application allows you to upload, manage, share and even edit images within your preferred web browser.

Since I first posted details on Lr Web, Adobe have slowly been adding new features and some technology trials. For example, in early May the ‘Welcome tab’ was replaced with a Dashboard (see below).

Lightroom Web – Dashboard

Also in May, new Auto Tone technology was added, and users were asked for feedback. An example of this technology in use is shown below.

Lightroom Web – Edit Panel

New Auto Tone Options

In late July, Adobe announced another batch of additions and improvements to Lightroom Web.   These include:

    • Several improvements to Search Technology Preview
    • You can now filter by ratings and flags, as well as images or videos.
      • You should see better matches for multiple search terms.
      • The search controls have moved to the top of the screen.
    • Dragging-and-dropping photos to the plus button in the sidebar will now create a collection.
    • Web galleries now have display options where you can set the theme and appearance.
    •  Links on the Dashboard to download Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile.

The screenshot shown below shows the new search feature in action.

Lightroom Web – Search

If the search produced the desired results you can click on a button at the bottom of the results panel to confirm that the search was helpful. Lightroom Web will then use this information fro future searches.

If you haven’t already tried Lightroom Web then do so, after all it’s free with your Adobe CC Photography Plan. More details can be found here.