Monthly Archives: July 2011

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop integration

An aspect of Lightroom that many users struggle to get their heads around is the how it integrates with Photoshop and when jumping over to Photoshop is the best way of maximising the quality of the final image. Generally, it’s pretty simple – select an image > edit it in Lightroom > choose Edit in Photoshop … (Cmd/Ctrl+E) from Photo menu > finesse in Photoshop > and finally save the finished image back into Lightroom. However, there is much more on offer for the creative photographer than this fairly basic workflow. For example, creating panoramas via Photomerge, tone mapping via HDR Pro, and even the ability to work with Smart Objects. Judging from the various emails I receive, and the queries arising on Lightroom related forums it’s the more creative options that cause greatest confusion. Enter – George Jardine.

George has created 7 video tutorials describing how and when to go to Photoshop for more complex editing and compositing tasks.  He shows how to combine Lightroom’s library management and non-destructive editing, with Photoshop’s layering and masking capabilities. With over 2 hours of in-depth, online video instruction, George will take you through the complete workflow, for taking both raw files and RGB files, round trip, from Lightroom to Photoshop and back again.