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Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic & Desktop | August 2022

The latest updates to Camera Raw (14.5), Lightroom Classic (11.5) and Lightroom Desktop (5.5) have been released to customers. These updates include new camera and lens support along with bug fixes. There are also new features in Lightroom Classic.

Metadata Browser Filter (Lightroom Classic)

A new option has been to the Metadata Browser filter in the Library module – ‘Add Column : Left’ and an update to the existing menu option to ‘Add Column : Right’. This will allow users to add a new blank column to both left and right sides of the selected filter column.

Kind Filter (Lightroom Classic)

A new ‘Kind’ filter has been added to the Filmstrip filter bar. This new filter reflects the same feature already found in ‘Attribute’ filters in Library Grid, but also allows the user to filter ‘original images’, ‘virtual copies’, and ‘videos’ across all modules.

New Camera Support

Details of new camera support added since the last release can be found here

New Lens Correction Support

Details of new lens support added since the last release can be found here

Bug Fixes

  • Lightroom Classic bug fixes listed here
  • Lightroom Desktop bug fixes listed here
  • Camera Raw bug fixes listed here

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