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Sneak Peak @ Mask feature in upcoming Lightroom & Camera Raw releases

Lightroom Classic and Camera Raw users have long hoped fort better ways to create masks. In particular, the type of complex masks that currently requires the user to edit their files in Photoshop. Examples would include ‘Add’, ‘Subtract’ and ‘Intersect’. So, a recent post on the Adobe Blog titled ‘Masking Reimagined’ giving a sneak peak at new masking technology to be incorporated into Lightroom and Camera Raw has stirred a lot of interest. More details of this new masking technology can be found at From the ACR Team: Masking Reimagined

I’ve been privileged to have early access to the new masking feature and believe it will substantially reduce the need for editing in Photoshop, which for many Lightroom users will be a welcome improvement. There’s a limit to what I can show at this time, but be assured that I will provide a comprehensive review on all the new features when the next version of Lightroom Classic and Camera Raw ships. In the meantime, I’ve included a very simple example of masking below. In this example, I’ve simply chosen the ‘Select Subject’ option and let Lightroom Classic do its ‘AI” thing 😉


Disclosure: As an Adobe Community Expert I receive a free subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud

Customise Lightroom Classic Keyboard Shortcuts in macOS

 As a host on the Adobe Community forums I often see customers feature requesting the the ability to remap application keyboard shortcuts. In fact, this particular feature request goes back as long as Lightroom (Classic) has been around. The example often quoted is the ‘Keyboard Shortcuts and Menu Customisation’ panel in Photoshop.

Photoshop – Keyboard Shortcut and Menu Customisation

Unfortunately, Adobe have shown little enthusiasm for implementing such a feature. So, what’s the alternative?

Well, macOS users can already modify, add or remove application keyboard shortcuts using the a purpose designed applet in macOS System Preferences. Alas, Windows users are less fortunate, but third party options do exist.

For more details on how to customise keyboard shortcuts in macOS, see my tutorial at Customise Lightroom Classic Keyboard Shortcuts in macOS. This particular tutorial was originally written in the days of Lightroom 2, but I’ve updated the screenshots to reflect macOS (Big Sur)