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Adobe Lightroom CC | October 2018

The last major update to Lightroom CC  was back in October 2017 (v 3.0). This latest update (v 4.0) includes several new features that customers have requested over the last 12 months.

So, what’s new in Lightroom CC | October 2018?

People View

(Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS)

People View allows you to quickly find and name people in your photos. It’s powered by Adobe Sensei. Using this machine learning technology from Adobe Lightroom CC automatically tags people in photos and provides you with an easy way to see all the photos the person appears in.

Adobe Sensei-powered People View in Lightroom CC for mobile (iOS)

Improved Search

(Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS)

Searching has always been one of the stronger features in Lightroom CC. This is mainly due to the advanced server side technology (Adobe Sensei). Search suggestions are presented as you as soon as you start typing in the Search bar, recommending things like cameras, lenses, shutter speeds, apertures, ISOs, keywords, locations, and more.

Example of autocomplete suggestions when using Search in Lightroom CC for mobile (iOS)

For example, you can type ‘car’ in the Search bar to quickly search for all photos that have cars in them. You can also search your photos using ‘facets’. With facet’s you type a name (e.g. ‘camera’) followed by a colon ‘:’ to display a list of camera models used. I’ve included a list of currently supported facets below:

  • keyword:
  • camera:
  • lens:
  • location:
  • rating:
  • flag:
  • flash:
  • orientation:
  • iso:
  • type:
  • f-stop:
  • ss:
  • edited:
  • media:

The Filter UI in Lightroom CC for the Desktop has also received some attention.

Improved ‘Filter’ organisation and layout Lightroom CC Desktop

Additional sharing options for Share to Web

Sharing photos has some useful improvements. For example, you can now choose to only share images that are flagged or have a particular star rating while also providing control over the display theme and appearance.

Display options when sharing collections on web in Lightroom CC for mobile

Guided Tutorials

New guided tutorials for First-Time Adjustments and Healing Brush have been added to iOS and the Android versions now has tutorials for First-Time Adjustments, Target Adjustment Tool, and Guided Upright. The new guided tutorials can be found under Help & Support in Lightroom CC for mobile. If you’re not sure what guided tutorials are or don’t use Lightroom CC on a mobile device, then below screenshot shows how they can be accessed in Lightroom CC (Desktop).

Guided Tutorials on Lightroom CC (Desktop)

HEVC file support on macOS

Lightroom CC now supports Apple’s HEVC video format (High Efficiency Video Coding, also known as H.265) on macOS High Sierra (10.13) or later.

For more information, see HEVC video files support.

Camera and Lens Support

A full list of cameras and lens profiles supported by Lightroom CC can be found at:

George Jardine’s Lightroom 5 Develop Video Series

Our good friend George Jardine has recently released a series of video tutorials for Lightroom 5. In total there are 23  tutorials which focus on the Develop module and Digital Processing.

In this series George covers the Lightroom raw processing controls from top to bottom. He say’s “No need to purchase a so-called “Advanced Series”…. it’s all here”. Starting from the ground up, George will guide you through a complete understanding of each and every control.

You can watch this online series anytime, day or night, and you will find thousands of tips and techniques that help you master the processing of your digital photos. The complete online series is only $29.95.  For more details, have a look over a George’s Blog.

Adobe Lightroom 4 Video Tutorials

George Jardine has released a new series of video tutorials for Adobe Lightroom 4. This series is a complete rewrite of George’s original Lightroom 3 Library tutorials.

The tutorials are a ground up guide for any serious photographer—professional or passionate amateur. As you progress through the tutorials George will take you deeper into nearly every Lightroom Library feature, gently leading you to a solid and complete understanding of the entire professional workflow.

The new video titles and timing are as follows:

  1. The Library Structure Overview   –  14:45
  2. The Lightroom Catalog Overview   –  7:43
  3. The Lightroom User Interface   –  21:32
  4. The Pro Workflow Overview   –  37:02
  5. The Lightroom Import Dialog   –  17:31
  6. The Library Module – Part 1   –  27:51
  7. The Library Module – Part 2   –  42:21
  8. The Keywording Panels   –  19:31
  9. The Metadata Panel   –  27:52
  10. File Renaming   –  22:06
  11. Editing Methods in Lightroom 4   –  34:19
  12. The Lightroom Filter Bar   –  14:36
  13. Collections & Virtual Copies   –   24:38
  14. The Export Dialog & Publish Services   –  35:46
  15. The Lightroom to Photoshop Workflow   –  17:09
  16. Photo Library Backup Strategies   –  22:00

The complete series is available form George’s website and at $24.99 is great value.