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Adobe Lightroom CC | August 2018

 The latest version of Lightroom CC for Desktops was released today (22 August 18). This release is primarily focussed on new camera and lens support.

There are a couple of album related new features in this build. The new ‘Store Album Locally’ setting allows you to save original copies of that album’s photos locally. Adobe are suggesting that you use this option when travelling. In particular, when you know that you’re going to be offline or on a low bandwidth internet connection.

Store Album Locally

The second new feature is intended to help you establish which, if any, albums a particular image is in. To see it in operation, click on an image then click on the ‘Info panel’, and scroll to the new ‘Albums’ panel.

Show album membership – Info Panel

Search and Filter Photos

Another feature introduced introduced in  1.5 is Faceted Search. Basically, you type an object name, or a facet name followed by a colon ‘:’ into the Search field. For example, you can type ‘keyword:’ to display a list of keywords used. The terms used in Search bar are not case-sensitive.

Faceted Search

To search your photos, you can use any of the facets listed below. In the Search bar, type a facet name followed by a colon ‘:’

More details of this release along with upcoming releases for mobile devices can be read here.

Camera and Lens Support

Details on Camera and Lens support by Lightroom Classic can be found on following pages