Lightroom Classic Keyboard Shortcuts

Anyone who visits Adobe’s Lightroom Classic Community Forum will be familiar with the frequent questions and ideas regarding keyboard shortcuts (KBSC). Typically, the questions are fairly easily answered by referring users to the list of the most common built-in keyboard shortcuts for each module, which can be found under the Help menu. For example, the screenshot shown below is the built-in list associated with Library module.

Unfortunately, the built-in lists are not the full list of KBSC, and this can often be frustrating, especially if you’re looking for or forgotten a KBSC not included in the built-in list. Adobe do provide a more extensive list as part of the Lightroom Classic on-line User Guide. However, these are not always kept up to date by Adobe, which can be just as frustrating as them not being immediately accessible from within the application itself. The good news is that third party alternatives do exist and better still, they’re are kept up to date. For example, Victoria Bampton (AKA The Lightroom Queen) publishes what is probably the most comprehensive list of KBSC anywhere. These can be obtained from a dedicated page on Victoria’s website – Lightroom Queen Keyboard Shortcuts.

Another irritation often expressed by users is the inability to modify the KBSC to reflect their priorities rather than what Adobe have programmed into the application.  Is this You?

Well, after many years of users asking Adobe to provide such a feature, a third party has stepped in and delivered what Adobe have failed to do. This third party being  John R. Ellis, a name familiar to Lightroom Classic users who frequent Adobe’s Community Forum for Lightroom Classic. John has developed Plugin that  provides users with a means of remapping existing or adding new KBSC in Lightroom Classic. John’s ‘Any Shortcut’ plugin is compatible with the 16 languages supported by Lightroom Classic, which means that shortcuts not available on localised keyboards can easily remapped to a more suitable alternative. The plugin is also compatible with Mac and Windows and is available here. Note that there is a small charge for the plugin ($9.95), but for this you get unlimited upgrades. John also provides comprehensive guidance on how to install and use the features included with the plugin.


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