Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic & Desktop | April 2022

  The latest updates to Lightroom Classic (11.3), Lightroom Desktop (5.3) and Camera Raw (14.3) have been released to customers. These updates include new camera and lens support plus bug fixes. There are also some feature and performance enhancements to Lightroom Classic.

Masking – Updates (Lightroom Classic)

ou can deselect a selected mask or component using the keyboard shortcut Cmd  / Ctrl + Click on the Masking panel. You can also use Option /Alt +directions keys to navigate the Masking panel list and loop around the last or the first mask.

Metadata – Performance Improvement (Lightroom Classic)

Adobe have worked on optimising the population of data in the Metadata panel. To achieve this, Lightroom Classic  will perform a one time optimisation task when the application is in idle idle mode. When optimisation is complete, you should see performance improvement in metadata population when a large number of images are selected (i.e.10’s of thousdands).

Map – Updates (Lightroom Classic)

There are changes to how Map module is initialised, which should improve map response time.

Preferences – Updates (Lightroom Classic)

Adobe have added an option in the Preference dialog ‘General’ tab to reset Preferences and relaunch Lightroom Classic. The button is only visible when you hold down the Option / Alt key.

Note that in addition to changing View Options back to default, resetting Preferences may also impact the Presets and Plugins settings, and thus require that they are reinstalled.

Print Module – Updates (Lightroom Classic)

The Print module on macOS has been updated to leverage OS native capabilities for drawing/rendering of Images. This change should also fix the issue of image being undersaturated when the Zoom to Fill option is selected.

Wacom Tablet – Updates (Lightroom Classic)

Some bug fixes and improvements related to Wacom tablet have been implemented in 11.3. These include:

  • Inverting stylus not erasing brush stroke has been fixed.
  • Pressure sensitivity enhancements (avoids the blotchy spots while drawing brush strokes).
  • Single brush stroke/dots which were previously not registered are now added to images.
  • Click and hold eye icon (to show/hide effect of a mask/colour grading) now works.
  • Stutter/delay in slider scrubbing – performance has been improved.
  • Delays/sluggishness in cropping the image has now been resolved.
  • Checking Windows ink used to make overall Wacom performance a little sluggish. Performance has now been improved.

Camera Raw Filter, Open and Save – Performance Improvement (Camera Raw)

GPU acceleration now speeds up save, open, and the Camera Raw filter. For supported GPUs, see the recommended GPU specifications for full acceleration in Camera Raw.

With supported GPUs, opening and saving files is enabled automatically by default when the Use Graphics Processor option in the Camera Raw Preferences is set to Auto.

  • Save: Using GPU for Save accelerates rendering for JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop, and PNG files. This is a batch processing operation that works on more than one photo at a time.
  • Open: When you are done editing and click the Open button to move to Photoshop, Camera Raw will use the GPU to render the main image opened.
  • Filter: When you are done using the Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop, Camera raw will use the GPU to render the result.

New Camera Support

Details of new camera support added since the last release can be found here

New Lens Correction Support

Details of new lens support added since the last release can be found here

Bug Fixes

Lightroom Classic bug fixes listed here

Lightroom Desktop bug fixes listed here

Camera Raw bug fixes listed here

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