Adobe launch Lightroom CC 2015

Adobe has today announced the latest version of Lightroom. However, that’s not the full story. This launch is actually called the Creative Cloud Photography Plan Spring 2015 Update, and incorporates updates across the Lightroom ecosystem. These include:

– Lightroom CC on the desktop
– Lightroom v1.1 on Android (Tablet and Phone support)
– Lightroom v1.4 on iOS, both for iPad and iPhone

The new features in Lightroom CC for the desktop include:
–  Facial Recognition
–  HDR Merge
–  Panorama Merge
–  Filter Brush
–  Advanced Video Slideshows
To celebrate this new version I have published a comprehensive feature review. Not only does it describe the new features in detail, but it also provides some tips that should help users get to grips with the new features.

Merge to Panorama 

Lightroom mobile also sees some updates in the form of:
– Android tablet support
– Native DNG support on Android
– Android SD card support
– TIFF support on iOS
– Improved crop experience on iOS

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