Off to California

I’ll be departing tomorrow for California on an 18 day photo tour. The tour was arranged by Roger Reynolds at Photoventures. As usual Roger has planned the tour to explore a wide variety of the most iconic locations not just in the state but perhaps the world.

Map (Copyright of Wildernet)

We’ll begin our tour in the city of San Francisco with its iconic waterfront that looks out onto ‘The Bay’ and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. From there will move on to Yosemite National Park; a location I’ve had on my ‘must visit’ lists for as long as I’ve been taking photographs. We will also visit Mono Lake, and the ghost town of Bodie, a location that offers a real taste of the old pioneering ways. From there we’ll journey south to the Alabama Hills and the Bristlecone Pine forest.  Death Valley, one of the lowest places on earth is also on our itinerary. Our final few days will take us back west to the Pacific coastline were we’ll photograph locations such as Big SurMorro Bay and Half Moon Bay.

Most of our overnight stops will have an internet connection. So, all being well I should get a few of each day’s favourite photos on line. All photos will be imported into a Lightroom catalog that I’ve set up for the trip. This will allow me to quickly and easily apply metadata such as keywords and geotagging information to images without having to resort to standalone applications, and of course any develop adjustments will also be carried out in Lightroom.