George Jardine Posts A New Article For Digital Photo Pro Magazine: Tone Curves …

George Jardine recently published an excellent article in Digital Photo Pro in which he discusses the Tone Curve feature within Adobe Lightroom. George writes:

“This often misunderstood control is as much about brightness as contrast” and goes on to write “I recently read one popular author’s introduction to his chapter on the Lightroom Tone Curve, and he started out by saying that with the improvements in the 2012 Process Version, the Tone Curve was basically outdated. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

The article contains lots of useful tips on how to get the best from the Tone Curve and is a must read for all Lightroom users.

Man with Beard, Patan, Durbar Square, Nepal

I should also mention George’s most recent video tutorials for Lightroom 5. There are two series relating to Lightroom 5. The first discusses the Library Workflow and Digital Photo Management, and the second the Develop module and Digital Photo Processing. I’ve not had the opportunity to view the first yet, but the second is excellent. More information on both can be viewed on George’s website