Adobe Lightroom 5 Public Beta Released

As you’ve probably discovered by now, Adobe has, today, released a public beta of Lightroom 5. As is usually the case, I’ve put together a summary of the new features and enhancements.

Adobe usually time product releases to related events and expos, and in this case the launch of the Lightroom 5 public beta has been times to coincide with the Photoshop World conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida between 17 and 19 April.

So what’s new and enhanced?

For Lightroom 5, Adobe has focused mainly on the Develop module, but there are also useful enhancements to the Library, Book and Slideshow module (yes slideshow has finally seen some love). One thing that hasn’t changed is the UI. So, anyone hoping for tear off panels/ palettes, etc can forget them in the near term. I digress, lets begin with the some important background information, then we’ll work our way though the various new features¬†continue reading —>