Wild Yellowstone – Day 8 (Yellowstone National Park)

Another relatively early start to the day, but rather than pre planned locations we would stop as and when the mood took us or an opportunity for a good photograph arose.

Our first stop was near the Mount Haines viewpoint on the West Entrance road. We had noticed a small heard of elk were making their way across the Madison River, and the light on the far bank was really quite lovely. Fortune favoured us because having crossed the river, the elk stopped to graze for a few minutes.

Elk Calf in Morning Light, Madison Meadow

As we made our way along the Firehole River we came across a Great Blue Heron. Just as we stopped the cars it flew out from the river onto the bank. Fortunately, for us it stayed out of the shadows and we all managed to get a few reasonably good shots.

Great Blue Heron, Firehole River

Our next stop was along the Firehole Lake Drive, which branches off the Grand Loop Road about half way between the Lower and Midway Geysers Basins.  We had been along this road a few days earlier and photographed the White Domed Geyser, but on this occasion we would spend most of our time concentrating on the colour and details to be found in the algae mats and run-offs from the hots springs and thermal pools.

Firehole Spring, Firehole Lake Drive

The Artist’s Paint Pots area was another interesting stop. It’s a relatively small area with a short but steep hike up to a couple of large and very active mud pots. I managed to get a few shots with the pots spurting hot mud into the air, but my favourite shot of the stop was of an American Robin. Pretty much everywhere I went, the Robin followed or was it the other way round 😉

American Robin, Artist’s Paint Pots Area

Images edited in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.1

** Disclaimer** Above images are quick previews specifically for this blog so that friends and family can see how I’m getting on.