Wild Yellowstone – Day 7 (Yellowstone National Park)

Day 7 began very early (5.30 am) as we wanted to photograph sunrise over the river in Madison Valley and the steam and mist rising from the various geysers, hot springs and thermal pools of the Lower Geyser Basin. During winter and fall the steam and mist linger for much of the day, but in summer the high temperatures burn it off very quickly.

Lower Geyser Basin

By the the time we reached Tangled Creek (7.00 am) much of the steam and mist was already gone. Nevertheless, we decided it was still worth stopping and trying to make the best of what remained.

Skeleton Trees at Tangled Creek

The plan for the remainder of the day was to make our way across the park to the West Thumb Geyser Basin. This basin lies on the shores of Lake Yellowstone and is always very popular with tourists coming into the park via the South East Entrance Road. As it happened we arrived at West Thumb at the same time a two fully laden buses of Chinese tourists. A sturdy tripod comes in very useful in such occasions 😉

Tree Swallows Mating, West Thumb Geyser Basin

On our journey back to West Yellowstone we made a short stop at Black Sand Basin, which has always been a personal favourite of mine. Given the lack of steam and mist from the thermal pools we wouldn’t normally have bothered, but on this occasion it provided an opportunity for panorama shots of Sunset Lake.

Sunset Lake, Black Sand Basin

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** Disclaimer** Above images are quick previews specifically for this blog so that friends and family can see how I’m getting on.