George Jardine on Adobe Lightroom

I’ll be heading off on a photo trip to the US on Monday, and as I always do, I’ve just checked a few of my favourite websites for any new tutorials on Lightroom and Photoshop (the folk I travel with like an update on the latest and greatest). Anyway, I noticed George has updated Tutorial 4 of his series on Lightroom 4’s Develop module. In this particular tutorial George discusses in a fair amount of detail, the new basic panel adjustments. He’s obviously spent a good deal of time analysing the effects that each of the adjustment sliders can can have on an image, and came up with some suggestions as to when and where the conventional top to bottom workflow might not be the best.

Sheep Creek Overlook, Flaming Gorge National Recreational Area, Wyoming

Also, since publishing the series back in May, George has completely overhauled tutorial 18, which compares the basic panel adjustments in Process Versions 2012 with those in 2010. George tells me that the overhaul came a result of work he did when studying the results of his exposure mapping tests described in his tutorial entitled ‘Revisiting The Zone System… or, How I Learned To Love My Light Meter Again‘. The complete series of 18 video tutorials cost just $24.95 and is available directly from George’s website or as a DVD from Amazon. For more details click here.

Back to my photo trip to the US. This will be my first trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton in spring/summer. Apart from the more usual photographic hangouts we’ll be spending a few days photographing wildlife in the Beartooth Mountain area of Yellowstone.  If time permits, I’ll post some my images over the next couple of weeks.