Adobe Lightroom 4 – The Missing FAQ

Victoria Bampton (aka The Lightroom Queen) recently dropped me a note to say that the 4th edition of her Lightroom – The  Missing FAQ book is now available.


What’s New in the Lightroom 4 book?

A lot!

Victoria writes – Initially I thought the Lightroom 4 book would be a fairly quick update, having rewritten the whole book for Lightroom 3.  How wrong I was!  This book has had my undivided attention since October, and was underway for many months before that, and somehow I’m still finishing up the loose ends now!  So what changes do you have to look forward to?

  • Of course, Lightroom 4 has lots of new features, which need to be covered in detail. Huge changes in the Develop module, and the new Map and Book modules are the highlights, but there are many other smaller features too.
  • Existing questions have been updated for changes in behavior.
  • New questions have been added to existing chapters, mostly as a direct result of your emails and suggestions.
  • And there’s another new chapter in the works – Designing your Workflow – which will follow after the initial PDF release, thanks to your survey suggestions at the end of last year.

Victoria is an Adobe Certified Expert for Lightroom and an Adobe Community Professional. So, you could say she knows a lot about Lightroom.  The Missing FAQ contains a wealth of otherwise undocumented information about Lightroom, and even though I know a fair amount myself I find having a copy available comes in handy, especially at those head scratching moments even Lightroom experts can have.

A downloadable pdf version of the The MIssing FAQ is available now from Victoria’s website, and a paperback version should be available some time during April.