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Will an SSD Improve Adobe Lightroom Performance? – Update 1

Since its original publication I’ve received a few emails from readers asking if I could expand the essay on SSDs and Lightroom performance to include some additional information. In particular, whether my findings re preview rendering also applied to exporting photos. Likewise, whether using a conventional disk drive connected via the Firewire 800 port rather than internal SATA 300 would change the results.  Fortunately, the tests for both are relatively easy to undertake.  An updated version of the essay is now available.

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Will an SSD Improve Adobe Lightroom Performance?

It seems like never a week goes by without me receiving a query as to whether a Solid State Drive (SSD) will improve Lightroom’s overall performance. Similar questions regularly arise on Adobe’s Lightroom User to User forum. Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple yes or no. This essay will identify some of the aspects impacting on performance along with some methods by which their effects can be mitigated or removed altogether.  Finally, I will compare Lightroom’s general performance between a conventional disk drive and an SSD.

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