Day 1 – Arizona and New Mexico Photo Shoot

This is my first full day of a photo shoot in USA.  The shoot is primarily focused on Bosque del Apache and White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. However, since our flight brought us into Albuquerque we began by taking in some of the sights along the historic Route 66 through to Holbrook, Arizona. Yeh, it’s a bit of a detour, but opportunities like this only come once in a while. Anyway, over the next two weeks I hope to post a few images from each days photography.

Route 66 runs through Albuquerque’s Central Avenue and is lined with the bright neon lights of  “motel row”. One of the most interesting of which is the Aztec Motel.

Aztec Motel, Albuquerque

In the 1990’s Phyllis Evans, a longtime resident of the motel, began decorating her room and then the entire property with tiles, crosses, paintings and other objects. The eccentric artwork still remains.

Eccentric Artwork, Aztec Motel, Albuquerque

One of the most interesting locations along the road between Albuquerque and our overnight stop in Gallup was at the Laguna Pueblo. This shot of the old Mission in Laguna is one of my favourites from the day. It’s a fairly tight site and the angle chosen for the shot meant that I had to use the new perspective controls in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.

The Mission, Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico

Many of the old gas stations, trading posts and motels found along Route 66 now lie derelict or have alternative uses. In a way this makes them a bit more interesting photographically, even though it’s not possible to convey their history. For example, the Budville Trading Post has been a landmark along Route 66 since the mid 1930’s, but it was for events in 1967 that it is most well known.

Budville Trading Post, Route 66, New Mexico