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Adobe Photoshop - Color Management

An essay explaining Colour Management setup in Photoshop. It's compatible with versions dating back to Photoshop CS2 (May 20005). Given the passage of time you'd be forgiven for thinking that much would have changed. However, with the exception of the application UI, Color management in Photoshop is largely unchanged since CS2

January  2021 - While originally written for Photoshop 19, the guidance provided in this essay is also compatible with Photoshop version 20 and higher.


Adobe Photoshop - Color Management for Prints

September 2021 - This tutorial provides guidance on how to configure Photoshop for prints when using macOS.


Adobe Lightroom Desktop - Recover Deleted Photos

For Lightroom Desktop users, the recovery of ‘accidentally’ deleted photos, which includes entire photo libraries, has been a long standing request (demand?). All applications within the Lightroom cloud-centric ecosystem now have a folder called ‘Deleted’ from which photos can be recovered.


Lightroom Classic - Finding Missing or Moved Photos and Folders

Whether it's simply due to your photo library getting larger or you realise that it's become overly complex there will be occasions when it becomes necessary to reorganise things. Unfortunately, if you're not careful this can lead to photos or even whole folders going missing.

The guidance provided in this tutorial is compatible with Lightroom 3 and higher, and includes a short explanation on the performance benefits of using Smart Previews.


Adobe Lightroom Classic - Will an SSD Improve Performance?

January 2021 -The question as to whether using a Solid State Drive (SSD) will help Lightroom performance is one that I regularly see in my Inbox. This essay discusses the aspects of Lightroom Classic that can improved by an SSD along with those where the improvement is only marginal.


Lightroom Classic - Exporting Photos as New Catalog

January 2021 - In general, most Lightroom Classic users will find that one catalog is the most efficient way of managing all of their photos. However, there are occasions when additional catalogs will be helpful. For example, we may wish to separate out a selection of photos into a dedicated catalog that can be taken with you whilst "on the road" or shared with clients. This short tutorial demonstrates the process of exporting photos to a new catalog.


 Lightroom Classic - Printing with macOS

January 2021 - A tutorial intended to help Lightroom Classic users obtain the best print results with minimum effort when using macOS.


Lightroom Classic and Photoshop Color Management

This short tutorial is intended to aid Lightroom Classic users achieve a seamless color managed workflow when working with Photoshop.


Lightroom Classic - Keyboard Shortcuts and Modifier Keys

September 2021 - Irrespective of whether you love them or loathe them keyboard shortcuts and modifiers have an important role to play in the Lightroom Classic workflow. Unfortunately, some users are less than satisfied with the choices that Adobe have made. In this short tutorial I will share some of the tips and tricks that I use to get round the Lightroom Classic keyboard shortcut limitations.


LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast Tutorials

"LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast" is undoubtedly one of the best scanner software applications available. As scanner software goes it includes more features than any single user will likely ever need. Nevertheless, and good as they may be, these features tend to be complex and not always well explained in the accompanying documentation. Hopefully this series of essays/tutorials will help users better understand the various components that make up this very powerful program.



Lens Profiles for Lightroom and Camera Raw

Judging by my website statistics and recent email correspondence from readers of my Lightroom 3 Feature Review there is a lot of interest in lens profiles. It has also become apparent that the Lens Correction Profiles that I had made available are a lot more popular than I expected. This tutorial describes how you can create your own.



Digitise Your Analog Images

I'm sure that it won't have gone without notice that it's been a few years since I published any material relating to scanning film. Nevertheless, the absence of such material doesn't mean that I don't scan film any longer, I do, but not in the quantities that I once did. It's also fair to say that when I do scan it will be from film that I shot a few years back or even longer. So why am still scanning film?  This linked essay that I wrote last year for LaserSoft Imaging and Epson answers the question. It's a 3.4MB Adobe Acrobat file that discusses some of the benefits of using a high-end flatbed scanner such as the Epson Perfection V750 Photo scanner and LaserSoft SilverFast Ai Studio and HDR Studio.


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