Antarctica and Southern Ocean 2007

During February 2007 I had the pleasure of participating in a Luminous Landscape Photographic Workshop to the islands of the Southern Ocean and Antarctic Peninsula.

The group was led by Michael Reichmann, and other notable participants included: Jeff Schewe, Seth Resnick, Stephen Johnson, John Paul Caponigro, Bill Atkinson and Chris Sanderson. We met in Buenos Aires and were headed for a 20 day photographic shoot that included the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, South Orkney and the Antarctic Peninsula. In each location we had the opportunity to explore and photograph the unique landscape and wildlife found at the bottom of the world. The following images are a small selection of the 6500 plus images I returned home with.

Magellanic & Gentoo Penguins in Sand Storm, Saunders Island, West Falkland

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