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Tutorial - 5

Using Job Manager

By Ian Lyons




A Computer Darkroom Tutorial

Job-Manager is now integrated with all LaserSoft supported film scanners and SilverFast HDR. This feature enables the user to pre-scan and edit multiple images from filmstrips, APS and bulk loaders. However, the actual scan can be delayed until all images have been edited.  Job-Manager also allows for re-editing of each image within  the "Job". Users of scanners such as the Nikon 4000ED with its bulk slide feeder and roll film adapter should find Job-Manager a great productivity tool, likewise any scanner that has a facility for holding multiple frames. The Polaroid SS4000 and SS120 can handle between 1 and 6 frames depending upon film format and so are also good candidates for Job-Manager. There is virtually no limit to the number of images that can be incorporated into the "Job".

One thing that should be noted about the operation of Job-Manager is, whilst it's a batch scanning tool, it's essential that SilverFast is NOT set to Batch Scanning mode. When using Job-Manager scan as you would a single image and all will be well, scan in batch mode and the result will be one frame only, so be warned.

The step-by-step procedure described in the following pages is the approach that I have adopted when using both SilverFast Ai and HDR. It is not necessarily the best or only method, but I know that it works equally well on a number of scanners and SilverFast HDR. A more comprehensive explanation of how Job-Manager operates is provided within the new SilverFast user manual.

Step 1 - Configuring the Frame Control Panel

Since using Job-Manager will automate much of what the user would do manually it's important that we ensure that these processes are to our liking and not necessarily the SilverFast defaults. We begin by configuring the: Scan Type:, Filter:, Image Type/Image Mode:, the frame dimensions and resolution. Once each has been set as required we simply choose Settings: Save and give the settings a name (red asterisk).



Configuring the Frame Control Panel


SilverFast is now ready to Prescan our images using these customised settings.

Step 2 - Creating the overview scan

We now want to create a palette of thumbnail images to be included within the "Job". By pressing the b3 button the "Overview" window will appear. Simply choosing the "Refresh Overview button will cause the scanner to create a series of thumbnails for each image on the filmstrip.


Scan Overview

Overview scan of images available on film strip


Once all the thumbnails have been created we simply click OK and SilverFast will produce a preview image of the highlighted frame. The frame with the wide "white" border will be pre-scanned. However, the choice of frame is not important.

Step 3 - Creating the "Job"

Press the Job-Manager button B1 and the control panel shown in the screenshot below should appear. The "Job" area should be completely clear.



Job-Manager Control Panel


The screenshot below describes the various controls associated with Job-Manager.


Job Control Panel

Job-Manager Control Panel



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