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Step 3 - Getting it all together for output to Photoshop

The previous step described how to calibrate the scanner. However, that's only half the story. We have only described the source colour space (i.e. the scanner); we now need to make sure that what we see in the Preview window and what gets sent to Photoshop are matched (the destination colour space).

Press the Option button followed by the CMS tab in the Defaults window and the Colour Management should appear as follows:



Figure 4


The scanner profile in Step 2 will automatically be inserted into the appropriate location (red star)

The next phase is to set the CMS dialog as follows: -

Colour Management

  • Input - > Internal - should have automatically been set to Colorsync (Mac) or Image Colour Matching (PC)

  • Internal  - > Monitor - should be set to Automatic (see note below)

  • Internal  - > Output - should normally remain RGB

Profiles for ColorSync/ICM

  • Input - the correct scanner profile is automatically inserted

  •  Internal - should be set for your preferred Photoshop working space, e.g. Adobe RGB (1998), ColorMatch, etc. (see note below)

  • Gray - if you have a greyscale profile select it otherwise the Generic Gray profile will suffice.

  •  Output/Printer - will be greyed out and therefore cannot be changed.

  • Rendering Intent - ideally you should leave it at Perceptual although some users prefer Relative Colorimetric for artwork

Embedded ICC Profiles

  • Embedded profile (not present on SilverFast Ai) - since you are using the IT-8 calibration module this will read None. You can't change it and if it shows anything other than none you will need to alter your scanner application to prevent profile embedding
  • Embed ICC profile - this should be checked



Figure 5 - Final Configuration of CMS Dialog


Important note: When Internal->Monitor is set to Automatic it takes its cue for accurate previews from the RGB Working Space as defined in Photoshop Color Settings. Therefore it is essential that the SilverFast Internal profile matches the PhotoShop RGB Working Space.

If Internal -> Output is set for RGB then the remaining settings (e.g. Output/Printer and Plug & Play CMYK) cannot be altered. Finally click Apply followed by OK. You're now ready to enjoy the benefits of scanning images using a colour managed workflow.

Remember the Embed ICC profile checkbox MUST be selected and your Photoshop setup for handling mismatched profiles must be configured as described in the essay entitled  Configuring Colour Management in Photoshop 5,  Photoshop 6 and Colour Management or Photoshop 7 and Colour Management . If you haven't read these then it is probably better that you do. Choose the version of Photoshop that you use by selecting the appropriate underlined text.

I have included the following scanned image; just to add a bit of additional interest to the tutorial. The original image was taken during mid August 2000 using a Canon EOS-1N body fitted with a Sigma 17-35mm EX  Zoom on Fuji Sensia II.



Fanclouds, Ballintoy, North Antrim Coast


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