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Step 3 - Aligning the image in the preview screen

The default format for scans in SilverFast is "vertical" and that "horizontal" scans will take considerably longer to process, especially those being saved to file, so I suggest that you set SilverFast to scan vertically. By this I mean the image should be configured in the Preview window as shown below. Use the rotation b1 button to get the image into the correct orientation. Don't go making the mistake of using the horizontal/vertical flip  b2 button or you could end up with images that are reversed. Also remember to choose your scan resolution.


Keeping your image in vertical format makes for a quicker overall scan


Step 4 - Selecting the type of batch scan

This is the point were SilverFast can become slightly confusing. Select the "General" tab and the following dialog will appear. The two pop-ups that I have identified with a "yellow spot" are the ones that are important.



Choosing the type of Batch scan


SilverFast can batch scan directly into Photoshop or save each image to file, the latter choice is actually the better. SilverFast can also produce two types of batch scan, "fully automatic correction", or "manual correction". I'll explain each of these latter two options in a moment, but for now we will concentrate on whether to scan into Photoshop or save to file.

To scan directly into Photoshop (not a good idea as it uses lots and lots of memory) you simply select "Batch Mode" in the "Scan Mode" dialog. Alternatively, to save each scan to file you select "Batch Mode (File)".



Batch scans into Photoshop


Now for the option that most folk seem to overlook or just can't find. In the pop-up labelled "Original" you MUST choose "Document Feeder". Keep in mind this sentence; it's critical to successful batch scanning. If you don't then you will return to it time and time again, I promise!

I don't know how often I've been contacted and asked why the "Document Feeder" option isn't available. The answer is of course simple; the user jumped the gun and didn't do as they were instructed in the SilverFast (the one on the CR-ROM) manual - "Insert the film holder before opening SilverFast", hence my comments at Step 1 above. The film holder MUST be inserted before opening SilverFast otherwise it won't be found, period! The dialog may say different, you might even read different, but no matter what the dialog reads or "you" think it won't "really" have been found unless it was in the slot before you opened SilverFast.


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