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Step 8 - Removing the last vestiges of the global colourcast


Tool Palette

Overview of SilverFast Ai and HDR Adjustment Tool Palette


Many of the basic colour and tone correction tools were discussed in the SilverFast HDR tutorial, however, I avoided going into any detail regarding the global colour b5 and "selective colour" correction tools. In this tutorial I will concentrate upon the "global colour" correction, you can spend some time yourself learning about "selective colour" correction.

To access the "Global Colour" correction dialog simply press the b6 button, the dialog shown below appears. This tool is designed to allow the user to alter the overall colour balance of an image.

For now I will ignore the top row of LED's and digits. All we need look at are the sliders, the colour wheel and the small vertical slider (green X) shown middle right. Pull the small slider to the bottom, this means colour correction is on finest control, big movements still mean small changes to colour.



SilverFast "Global Colour Correction" dialog


Most users will automatically go for the 3 sliders and make the corrections by pulling one or other left/right as appropriate. However, a quicker and much more effective way is to use the colour wheel. Grabbing the "centre dot" and dragging it around the wheel cause the overall image to change, but look at the sliders, all three automatically moved. I dragged the centre dot towards yellow to reduce the overall blue cast, but see that some red and green were added by the system.



Colour correction using the colour wheel


There is really no single way to use this tool. It is extremely powerful and you should make use of all its functions. I have only just scratched the surface; maybe even enough to make you to try it yourself. Further guidance on basic image editing in SilverFast can be found HERE! Hopefully, you find the finished product pleasing.



Bluebell Carpet, Wicklow Mountains, Ireland



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