When you press the Print button (i.e. top right hand corner of Print with Preview dialog) the "System" Print dialog as shown in Figure 7 should appear.



Figure 7 - "System" Print dialog


Now press the Properties button. Once the Printer driver dialog (Figure 8) appears choose the type of Media (1) that will be used. Next select either  "Photo or Best Photo" mode (2). The last setting to choose in this dialog is the Advanced button (3).



Figure 8 - Epson 2200 Basic Printer Dialog - Main Window


The following screenshot (Figure 9) is where we make the important selections. Chose the highest Print Quality (4) option compatible with the printer/media combination that you require. High Quality. High Speed (5) should be disabled.



Figure 9 - Epson Print Driver Advanced Settings


For Color Management (6) we have a number of options, many of which only serve to confuse and are completely unnecessary.

If you have chosen to configure the Photoshop Print with Preview dialog  as shown in Figure 5 (Printer Colour Management) then the Epson driver can be set-up for either Color Controls or PhotoEnhance. These options are best suited to novice Photoshop users.

By choosing ICM (6a) you gain access to the internal Epson printer colour management system and the No Color Adjustment (NCA) mode. ICM mode automatically makes use of the Epson media profiles but does so in a way that means their selection in Photoshop should be avoided. To obtain the best results from this particular mode of operation you should configure the Photoshop Print dialog as shown in Figure 5 on the previous page.



Figure 10 - ICM Mode


NCA mode also facilitates the use of the Epson media type ICC profiles but requires that the Photoshop Print dialog is configured as shown in Figure 6 on the previous page. By choosing NCA mode you are leaving colour management to Photoshop.



Figure 11 -  No Colour Adjustment Mode



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