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The remaining Steps are common to Photoshop Versions 5 and 6. Having pressed the setup button Page Setup dialog should appear.



Section of Photoshop Page Setup Dialog


  • Select the Properties button.

Note: that if you have more than one printer installed, it is important to select the appropriate model in the Printer Name popup.

The Epson Stylus Photo Printer main Dialog should appear. The actual dialog appearance will be slightly different for each printer model although printers within the same family tend to be fairly consistent. I have included screenshots for both the Epson 750/1200 and 870/890/1270/1280/1290 below so that you might recognise these differences.



Epson Printer Driver - Main Dialog


  • Select Custom button followed by the Advanced button, when it appears.

  • Ensure that the sliders for colour, brightness, contrast and saturation are ALL at their default "0" position.

  • Don't be tempted to use the Epson Print Preview screen since the results will look terrible and cause you no end of confusion and frustration. The Epson Print Preview is NOT compatible with ICC media profile.


Epson 750/1200 Printer (v4.5 drivers) - Advanced settings 



Epson 870/890/1270/1280/1290 Printer (v5.x drivers) - Advanced settings 


  • Choose your media type (it MUST be the same as the profile you selected in Photoshop).

  • Choose your Print Quality - best choice is Photo 1440dpi

  • High Speed should be deselected

  • Color Management MUST be set to No Color Adjustment

  • Click the OK button and return to Photoshop to make the print.

  • Just for completeness - check that Print Space Profile popup box still has your chosen media profile selected. If not then reselect and press the Print button.

If you created or purchased custom ICC profiles for your Epson printer then one or other of the configurations described above will apply, which depends upon your version of Photoshop.

One last point. Just as the Epson colour space profile described at the beginning should not be used with No Color Adjustment mode it is the case that ICC media profiles should NOT be used in any other mode but No Color Adjustment. Using any other driver mode with such profiles will produce prints that look fluorescent pink/red, so be warned and stick with the settings described, and PLEASE don't be tempted to use the Epson Print Preview!



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