Wild Yellowstone – Days 11-13 (Beartooth Mountains)

Days 11 through 13 were spent photographing various locations along the Beartooth Pass and Chief Joseph Highway.

Throughout our stay in Cooke City a forest fire burned about 2 miles west of the town. While it seemed to be under control (well most of the time) we often had to wait for the assistance of a pilot car. While waiting we usually managed to grab a few shots of the fire leaping from tree to tree.

Forest Fire, Shoshone National Forest, Cooke City

Forest Fire, Shoshone National Forest, Cooke City

Melting Snow at Long Lake, Beartooth Pass

This part of the shoot was intended to give us the opportunity to photograph the wild flowers and birds found in the area. The wild flowers could be found in abundance on the plateau at the top of the Beartooth Pass. Our success in obtaining the bird shots was mainly due to the assistance of a local nature photographer with an intimate knowledge of nesting sites for many of the species found in the area. To avoid disturbing the birds we worked in small groups and only for short periods.

Shooting-star, Beartooth Pass

Mountain Bluebird Landing, Beartooth Pass

Mountain Bluebird, Beartooth Pass

Great Grey Owlet, Beartooth Pass

Great Grey Owl (adult), Beartooth Pass

Red Fox, Silver Gate

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** Disclaimer** Above images are quick previews specifically for this blog so that friends and family can see how I’m getting on.