Wild Yellowstone – Day 6 (Yellowstone National Park)

Day 6 took us along a section of Yellowstone’s Grand Loop road over the Dunraven Pass. Given its height this area of the park is closed during the winter and when there are heavy snow falls at other times of the year. Having not been able to see this area of the park on my four previous visits I was pleased to finally experience the splendour of the pass, the views from Mount Washburn and the Hanging Valley at Tower Falls.

Hanging Valley, Tower Falls

During our drive over the Dunraven Pass we made a number of stops to photograph the wild flowers. We even managed to see a Grizzly Bear mother and cub, but sadly they were too far away to make a useable photograph.

Alpine Spring Beauty, Dunraven Pass

In the afternoon, we spent an hour or so photographing the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone from the various viewpoints. My favourite viewpoint is Artist’s Point from where it is possible to photograph the Lower Yellowstone Falls head on. The lower falls are just over 300 feet high and in winter it freezes. Even in summer it’s possible to find snow and ice lingering in areas shaded from the sun.

Lower Yellowstone Falls from Artist’s Point

Our return drive back to West Yellowstone took us along a section of the Grand Loop Road bordering the Gibbon River. Again, many stops were made, but the most enjoyable was coming across a pair of Bull Elk in ‘Elk Meadow’.

Bull Elk Grazing in Elk Meadow

 Images edited in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.1

** Disclaimer** Above images are quick previews specifically for this blog so that friends and family can see how I’m getting on.


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