Rocky Mountain Gold – Day 9- Grand Teton National Park

As per the weather forecast day 9 began with heavy rain. Our plans to visit the Moulton Barn for sunrise were abandoned, instead we took an early breakfast.  After breakfast we headed towards the Gros Ventre area in search of moose. On past trips to Grand Teton NP I had always been fortunate in seeing moose in this area and sure enough we weren’t to be disappointed this time. A small family group comprising a bull and two cows were spotted at a location were the Gros Ventre river comes very close to the road, so access was relatively easy. Getting an unobstructed shot proved more difficult, but we did succeed.

Bull Moose, Gros Ventre River

The remainder of the morning and early afternoon were spent dodging in and out of heavy rain showers, but we did manage to get some very nice shots at Schwabachers’s Landing and along the Snake River.

Clearing Weather at Schwabacher’s Landing, Snake River

Cottonwoods and Teton Mountains

Schwabacher’s Landing, Snake River

By late afternoon the rain had eased considerably, so we headed back over to the Gros Ventre in the hope of getting some shots of sunlit cottonwoods and aspens alongside the river and hillsides. We also spent some time photographing the moose family that we’d spotted earlier in the day.

Moose, Gros Ventre River

Gathering Clouds, Gros Ventre

Given the weather conditions were so bad for most of the day I think we had a fairly successful days photography. As it’s our last day in Grand Teton NP let’s hope tomorrow brings better weather.

** Disclaimer** Above images are quick previews specifically for this blog so that friends and family can see how I’m getting on.

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