Lens Profiles for Adobe Lightroom 3 & Camera Raw 6.1+

Judging by my website statistics and recent email correspondence from readers of my Lightroom 3 Feature Review it has become apparent that the Lens Correction Profiles that I had made available are a lot more popular than I expected. Unfortunately, time was tight when I first published the Feature Review, which meant that I was only able to build profiles for use with raw images, and even then for only some of the Canon lenses I own. So, given their popularity and currently restricted availability from Adobe’s own lens profile server, I have decided to finish the job and make all of my lens profiles available from this website. However, before downloading them it might be worth spending a few moments reading about how lens profiles are created.

To create the lens profiles for use with Lightroom 3 and Camera Raw 6.1 I use theĀ Adobe Lens Profile Creator application. This application characterises three common types of lens aberrations, namely geometric distortion, lateral chromatic aberration, and vignetting.

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