Site Update

If you’ve arrived at this page and wondered where you are, don’t panic. You’re still in So why the new look and why the blog page? Answering the second question first will likley clear up the first. Using a blog page will allow me to provide more frequent updates along with any news, reviews and tips that I think may be of interest to the sites readers. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a simple template that allows me maintain the current header, but I’ll keep looking. In the meantime, you can bookmark¬† for direct access to the new¬†What’s New page. If you spot anything that isn’t working as expected then please send an email to

In case you’re interested. The header image is a 10 frame panorama from my 2009 trip to Antarctica. The scene shown is from a narrow channel known as the “Gullet” that lies between the mainland and Adelaide Island. Very few ships get this far south and even fewer get to see the area with weather conditions such as we had. More images from my two Antarctica shoots can be see at Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and Crossing the Circle.

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